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We collaborate with partners to deliver the right data at the right time to take the right steps to support all students.

What we Do

Analytics Consulting

Whether you are scaling up your digital learning ecosystem or rolling out an extended enterprise learning model, it’s critical that vendors and other data providers will support your data model and business strategy.

Our services team can help align your technology requirements and your learning ecosystem vision with larger business drivers—specifically in uncovering bad data, ineffective data processes, and scrap learning that is costing you time and effort to maintain.

Tailored Insights for Your Needs:

  • Discover customized analytics solutions designed specifically for your educational institution or edtech platform.
  • Enjoy user-friendly dashboards and reports that provide actionable insights for informed decision-making.

    Seamless Data Harmony

    • We offer expertise in integrating diverse data sources, including student performance data, learning management systems, and other relevant datasets.
    • Implement robust data management strategies to ensure accuracy, security, and accessibility of educational data.

    Empowering Student Success Predictions:

    • Utilize advanced analytics techniques to predict student performance, identify at-risk individuals, and recommend interventions to improve learning outcomes.
    • Implement early warning systems to proactively address challenges and enhance student success rates.

    Optimizing Learning Journeys:

    • Let us analyze learning paths to enhance curriculum design and delivery
    • Get insights into effective teaching methods and learning styles based on data-driven analysis.

    Personalized Learning Made Easy:

    • Leverage analytics to create personalized learning experiences for students, considering their preferences, progress, and individual needs.
    • Implement adaptive learning technologies that dynamically adjust content based on real-time performance data.

    Continuous Improvement Strategies:

    • Work collaboratively with educational institutions to establish continuous improvement cycles using analytics insights.
    • Get ongoing support and feedback loops to refine strategies and enhance educational outcomes over time.

    Compliance and Privacy:

    • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations and industry standards, safeguarding the privacy and security of sensitive educational data.
    • Implement robust governance frameworks to maintain ethical and responsible use of analytics.

    Training and Capacity Building:

    • Offer training programs to empower educators, administrators, and stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to interpret and utilize analytics effectively.
    • Build organizational capacity for data-driven decision-making.

    Benchmarking and Performance Metrics:

    • Establish benchmarking metrics to measure and compare the performance of educational programs, courses, and institutions.
    • Get actionable recommendations for improvement based on benchmarking results.

    Proactive Consultation:

    • We act as a proactive partner in the edtech ecosystem, offering consultation on emerging trends, technologies, and best practices in learning analytics.
    • Keep you informed about advancements in the field and their potential impact on education.


    Learning Record Store

    Access the full range of LRS functionality defined by xAPI—including storage, modification, and retrieval of learning records via the Statement API and documents via the Document APIs. All learning records are stored as xAPI statements—even if the data was delivered via a non-xAPI source.

    Have a custom project?

    With optional managed services, you can expand your team with a dedicated project manager and developer who assist in managing system migrations, data integrations, report and dashboard building, and more.

    Our team of learning and technology experts are here to help you build an evidence-based learning strategy so you can get the most out of Ezly—and your learning programs.